The Triumph demo Dreamscape came 2nd in the demo competition at The Gathering 1996. Dreamscape has Cybergraphics support, so if you have a graphics board, it's rock'n'roll!

Download section

Download Dreamscape complete archive(4.1Mb) (old version)
Download Dreamscape Remix v1.2 update (284k) (needs old main archive already installed)

System requirements

Machine: Amiga :-)
Processor: 68020+, 030/50 recommended
Memory: 2mb chipram, 4Mb Fastram recommended
HD space: Needs 4.2Mb, can not be run from disks
Tested on: Most configurations from 020/14 to 060/50 with CV64

Oh yes, bragging is so much fun sometimes, Dreamscape works on *all* 020+ Amigas (including ECS), even 040 based ones! (as opposed to a certain other demo ranked higher than this one at TG96) In fact, even the music is played correctly!

Dreamscape Remix!

Dreamscape Remix is a re-release of Dreamscape with many bugs fixed and general improvements. All the new stuff is described in the readme file, but here are the main points:

Two versions of Dreamscape Remix has been released. Version 1.2 is the latest.

Demo credits and screen shots

Code by:

Nils "Darkman" Corneliusen  (Corneliusen@triumph.no) &
Carl "Smeagol" Aaby  (Carl.Aaby@triumph.no)

Music by:

Kim "Cobolt" Berg (cobolt.berg@triumph.no)

Triumph Motion Pictures logo zoomer
Objects: Ivan Moen (ivan.moen@digitech.no)
The good old Triumph logo zooms in on the screen. Notice the nice lens flare effect (turn the brightness up!) This sequence is very much like the opening on Ivan's wild compo entry

Dreamscape logo rotator
Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)
The music begins. The socket scrolls up from the bottom. The Dreamscape logo rotates down from the top of the screen and lands on the socket.

Objects: Ivan Moen (ivan.moen@digitech.no)
The gear wheel rises from the acid bath, rotates around while spinning and sinks down again. Note the reflections in the acid and on the wheel itself.

Atom rotator
Objects: Ivan Moen (moeni@online.no)
Several other objects rise from the acid bath and spins around, dipping into the acid every now and then. Note the light settings and reflections in the acid.

Dreamscape part 1 - Enemy flyby
Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)
The five enemies fly between some friendly pyramids. Suddenly they encounter a friendly fighter base. They decide to make a run for it. Note the shadows and the texture on the pyramids.

Dreamscape part 2 - Launch
Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)
Our hero takes off and chases after the enemies. If you watch closely, you might see the Triumph logo on the back of the fighter :-). Yep, it's the same fighter as used in Morten's winning entry to the Gathering 1994 animation competition!

Dreamscape part 3 - Enemy cruise
Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)
The enemies cruise through the landscape, attempting to get away. Note the shadows.

Dreamscape part 4 - The showdown
Objects: Morten Johnsen (Morten.Johnsen@triumph.no)
Finally, the good guy catches up with the attackers. He turns on his trusty laser and knocks out four fighters easily. The last one is a bit tougher, but he hits at last. The camera does a nice closeup of the explosion and the good guy flies away victorious. Note that the laser casts a shadow. Do lasers cast shadows? I don't know!