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MagicSelector is freeware

This program cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission from the author. Special permission is hereby granted to include MagicSelector in Public-Domain collections such as Fred Fish's Amiga Library, Aminet CD ROMS, etc.

What is MagicSelector?

MagicSelector is a program who select different background and sound in Workbench each time you are booting up you Amiga. I have written two programs that helps me to select an background and a sound for each startup.

I had to build an MagicSelector Preferences, so the user can specify the files he want to use in Workbench.

MagicSelector is the main program, that set up you background(s) and Sound. It is also included some sound and some patterns.

You can download the latest version from Aminet: You have these options:

Aminet WuArchive/USA

Aminet Paderborn/Germany

Aminet Sunet/Sweden




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MagicSelector software and documentation are © 1994-1995 by Řyvind Falch, Triumph Software. All rights reserved.