XingPlay v1.1 from Triumph Software

What is XingPlay?

XingPlay is the fastest XING-style Mpeg player available for the Amiga. In order to be fast, it cuts a lot of corners. For instance, there is no error checking on the file, it has better be correct!

Also, the files must be in so called Xing-Mpeg format, ie. only I-frames and a resolution of 160x120.

The previous version of XingPlay was released as "unsupported" software. Now that I have got some more time on my hands, I've decided to fix the worst bugs and maybe add a feature or two. Stay tuned for further improvements...
Click here to get XingPlay V1.1
Click here to get a GUI for XingPLay. Note that this is not a Triumph product.

What's hot...

the fastest Xing-Mpeg player available for the Amiga!
supports Cybergraphics with custom made render routines
for all 16 and 32 bit modes.
very fast 2x2 AGA HAM8 mode.
extremely fast GREY modes.
Works on ECS based machines in 16 color grey mode.
double buffering in all modes.
loads entire Mpeg at once - no jerking.
animation can be looped.


An amiga :-)
A 68020 processor or better
OS 3.0+ is nice, but it has been reported to work on 2.0 systems

Version info


Changed the arguments.
Fixed the nasty TIMING bug. Should be safe now.
Fixed the loading routines.
Added LOOP mode. Specifies the number of repetitions.
Added more statistics after playing.
Stats shown even if playback is interrupted.


Initial release.

Legal stuff

XingPlay is released as freeware. Use it as you wish. This readme file must always accompany the executable.


email: (try spelling the name right!)


snail: Nils Corneliusen
Frydens gate 5A
0564 Oslo